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Alchemy Mirror Resilvering
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In business since 1983, we brings decades of experience and knowledge to this craft. If you're curious about the materials and techniques involved in this process, take a look at our frequently asked questions.


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Alchemy Mirror began in 1983 as a way to carry on the tradition of hand-silvered glass mirrors. The owner learned the craft from a silverer who learned in the 1970s, taught by another who had learned just after WWI. The materials and techniques are those used when mirrors were made in individual glass shops. Since it’s founding, thousands of mirrors have been brought back to life through these well-tested techniques.


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We do bathroom mirrors, door mirrors, automotive rearview mirrors, hand mirrors, concave and convex mirrors, carved mirrors, witches balls, etc. We do not do first surface mirrors like those used in telescope optics. If you have questions about your particular mirror, please call.


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