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Alchemy Mirror Resilvering


We have experience doing rearview and carbide light mirrors from collectible cars: Ford, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Datsun, Pierce-Arrow and many more. Flat, concave  and day/night mirrors can all be resilvered and improved through our process. We use grey backing paint and can either paint the edge of your rearview mirror or leave it clean.


  • Old dressers

  • Hand mirrors

  • Bathroom vanities

  • Antiques

  • Automotive rearview mirrors

  • Carved mirrors

  • Maritime spotlight mirrors

Your mirror will be resilvered by hand.

Mirrors like those in old dressers, hand mirrors, bathroom vanities, etc., have a thin layer of solid silver that provides the reflective surface. Silver oxidizes as it ages, but because it is well sealed, that process takes 60-80 years before the mirror really starts to show darkness, spotting, haziness, or any of the other ways that mirrors can degrade. Resilvering is simply a maintenance process, like changing the oil in your car engine, but with very long time intervals.


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Resilvering Any Mirror

Resolving Mirror Decay

In order to refresh the reflective surface, all the old coatings need to be removed and the glass can then be prepared for a new coat of silver. Note that any stamps, special painting or other coatings applied to the glass do not survive this process. When the mirror is done, it will have a new reflective coating that should last for decades.

Mirror resilvering process

silver-mirror 1928 Model A Ford